Pyaterochka sells past BB date foods

United Russia’s People’s Control group members keep inspecting the food stores of Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk Region. The activists focused on eleven shops, including three retail outlets of the national chain store Pyaterochka.

The first thing that strikes one upon entering a Pyaterochka supermarket is the lack of information regarding the phone numbers of Rospotrebnadzor experts that customers could call to complain about their rights, or the those of the Business Activity Promotion Department. Then, eggs were placed right on the floor instead of getting displayed on a refrigerated shelf,’ says the head of the monitoring group Nadezhda Malakhova.

No price tags were provided on ground beef, canned kebab meet was over-frozen, smoked chicken was well past its best-before date, and these were only some of the curious cases the activists detected at Pyaterochka stores. When inquired about the problems, the shop assistants simply put the offending food items away,’ the group members report.

The group decided to place a written complaint with Sverdlovsk Region division of Rospotrebnadzor (the state consumer rights watchdog) for some administrative response to be provided.

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