Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil sets up environmental monitoring committee

Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil (part of Evraz Group) set up a special environmental monitoring committee that should be supervising the way the company obeys the conservation laws and preventing possible offenses. The committee is made up of the executives from the company’s Environmental, Legal, and Economic Departments. This week, they are going to ask for data from all of the other departments that have to do with (lack of) offenses of conservation laws, the reasons for violations and preventive steps taken to avoid them in future. These data analysis should provide a foundation for a certain action plan.

The committee also has to reward particularly efficient metallurgists and prosecute the ones whose actions led or might lead to violation of environmental legislation. The committee’s activity is expected to result in a set of guidelines that will be used as the basis for new green programs aimed at reducing the hazardous effects of metallurgical industry on the environment.

Trying to solve the environmental problems of Russian regions has always been an indispensable part of Evraz Group policy. In 2005, Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil got the international environmental protection ISO 14001:2004 certificate and managed to decrease its gross emissions to 99,700 tons (compare this to 288,000 tons in 1990). Moreover, the Complex now recycles more waste than it actually produces, and all the new facilities are only constructed in compliance with the rules of new green technologies, reports the spokesperson for the Complex.

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