Predicted post-CPP traffic imbalance avoided, claims MegaFon Deputy GD Alexei Nechiporenko

‘The structure of ingoing and outgoing calls traffic of MegaFon hasn’t changed after the federal bill made all the ingoing calls free on July 1, 2006. This means that the predicted post-CPP (calling party pays) traffic imbalance has been avoided,’ MegaFon Deputy GD Alexei Nechiporenko announced at the press conference.

‘The ingoing calls traffic, however, went up 3% (from 6% to 9%). The prime cost of entering our mobile network now comes to 1.10 RUR to 1.60 RUR per minute depending on the region,’ Mr Nechiporenko said.

‘In the meantime, MegaFon has been negotiating with other mobile operators for changes in the existing agreements,’ he observed.

According to Mr Nechiporenko, the company has already signed 90% of all the agreements needed, and this figure is expected to come to 98% at the end of 2006.

‘We are going to gradually switch to 1.1 RUR per minute fee for connecting to any mobile operator, including the large federal ones, and to offer volume discounts,’ he noted.

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