Alexander Kudryavtsev appointed First Deputy Chairman of Board of SKB-Bank

Former Deputy Chairman of Board Alexander Kudryavtsev was appointed First Deputy Chairman of Board of SKB-Bank.

‘These personnel reshuffle has to do with the ongoing work in the field of improving the bank’s operation and business activities as well as with SKB expanding its business and infrastructure. Over the last twelve months, the bank’s assets have increased by over 70%, the number of its offices and subsidiaries has risen by 75%. SKB-Bank’s range of services for both individual clients and businesses has been developing dynamically; the bank is constantly introducing some new products and improving the technological aspect of its performance. Alexander Kudryavtsev is a highly qualified professional who will keep on developing the range and quality of products and services the bank is offering to businesses in his new position,’ says Chairman of Board of SKB-Bank Vladimir Pukhov.

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