New line of cutting machines launched at Ural Turbine Plant

Ural Turbine Plant (part of Renova Group) has recently launched a new line of cutting machines capable of cutting 3 millimeter- to 20 centimeter-thick steel sheets. These machines will provide for both faster billet production and doubling the production of metalwork needed for the company’s strategic development projects.

These cutting machines can deal with up to 35 millimeters of sheet per minute; they do not require specific maintenance and are easy to install and run; the cutting process is fully automated, so there is no human factor involved that could affect the quality of cutting. Two new Multi Therm 3600 units produced by Messer of Germany replaced the obsolete Omnimat-S ones produced in 1979.

The plant invested ?395,000 in these machines; the plant’s total equipment acquisition and upgrading investments came to ?8m in 2006.

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