Stable real estate prices promote demand for mortgage, claims Metcombank

The experts of Metcombank observed that they had a new wave of increased demand for mortgage loans in December. They believe this has to do with both stable real estate prices and the introduction of the new crediting schemes. The bank gave 40m RUR worth of loans last week alone, with the most popular loans being the ones obtained in order to have a flat constructed.

‘The regional banks appreciate every client they’ve got, so they have to be very flexible in terms of changing demand. Metcombank was the first to introduce a few innovative offers in Sverdlovsk Region, which led to many more loan applications, whereas the general picture of the mortgage lending market is almost stable,’ says the bank’s Deputy Chairman Alexander Schur.

Among these innovations are new crediting schemes for those who own only a share of a dwelling. If a client owns some part of a room or a flat, they are able to buy out the rest of the dwelling with the help of the mortgage loan, says the spokesperson for Metcombank.

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