Noviy Grad puts up buildings on protected territory and damages state property, claims Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Culture

‘The so-called Schabarchin house has been a listed building since 1993. It is also on the state building preservation program,’ Yuri Kurashov of Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Culture said to UrBC representative relating to the recent demolition of the house by Noviy Grad, the local developer.

‘This builder has been putting up dwellings in this area, thus damaging the state property. It is likely that the company will be sanctioned: firstly, it is now impossible to commission the new building, and secondly, if such a decision is taken, part of the building at 72 Khokhryakov St. might be confiscated,’ Mr Kurashov said.

‘I have to say that it is extremely difficult to de-list the house as only the Russian Federation Government can do that,’ Mr Kurashov observed.

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