Rating of Interregional Network Company ignored by investors, reports Information Director of Blagodat Securities

‘The rating of Interregional Network Company (aka MRSK) is not taken into account by the investors at the moment,’ Andrei Korobitsin, Information Director of Blagodat Securities Investment Company, said to UrBC representative.

According to Mr Korobitsin, this has to do with the current absence of the company’s shares on the market, which means investors have nothing to invest into. When the company is disaggregated, the number of shares will go up automatically, but the volume of the company’s funds is going to stay the same, so it will in the end become evident that attracting additional finances is actually unjustified.

Meanwhile, some experts believe the ratings the company gets before the disaggregation process may turn out to be a waste of money, since the changes in the company’s structure will devaluate the ratings completely.

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