Sales of federal property in Sverdlovsk Region yield 343 million RUR in 2006

Sales of federal property in Sverdlovsk Region yielded 343 million RUR in 2006, reported Valeriy Suvorov, Head of the regional subsidiary of Federal Property Fund.

According to Mr Suvorov, Pervouralskiy Dinas Plant, aka Dinur (sold for 225.5 million RUR), Kurgangiprozem (sold for 50.4 million), and UralTurfProject (sold for 18.8 million) were the largest companies privatized last year. The Fund also sold 268 million RUR worth of land allotments and 16.1 million RUR worth of military type property.

This year, the Fund is going to sell 50 share holdings of state-owned enterprises and about 10 items classed as military type property. Besides, some assets of a number of commercial organizations will probably be put up to auction as well.

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