Some members of United Machine Building Works to merge

ŠKODA Kovárny, Plzeň, s.r.o. and ŠKODA HUTĚ, Plzeň, s.r.o. (both members of ŠKODA STEEL Consortium and part of United Machine Building Works (aka OMZ (Obedinennye Mashinostroitelnye Zavody, formerly United Heavy Machinery)) are going to merge into one entity, reports the spokesperson for OMZ.

The new company is to be named PILSEN STEEL. Experts are currently devising the would-be company’s logo and branded souvenirs; the final presentation on the company’s style has been scheduled for May 2007.

ŠKODA STEEL Consortium deals in producing 1- to 80-ton forgings. It is at present the world’s leading maker of crankshafts meant for wind farms and the second largest supplier of crankshafts meant for fourstroke-cycle diesels. The consortium also makes rotors, tail shafts, and rollers and provides the global market with steel and iron castings for steam and gas turbines, motor blcoks, rolling mill beds, processing machines, and ship-work castings.

Last year, ŠKODA STEEL, s.r.o (ŠKODA, Kovárny, Plzeň, s.r.o.) that hires 750 people sold $166 million worth of goods. ŠKODA, Hutě, Plzeň, s.r.o., with its 400 employees, sold $53 million worth of goods.

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