Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development sets up first Investments Center

Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development has recently introduced a large ‘investors-friendly’ office at 44 Kraul St. The office welcomes visitors from 9 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and offers them the full range of the bank’s investment services. One can play the market using such Russian exchanges as RTS and MICEX there or use the trust management service, set up an unallocated bullion account or precious-metals deposit as well as join any of the bank’s united banking management funds. Customers will also be consulted on brokerage or updated on the bids, rates of exchange of currencies and precious metals, and on stock indices. Individual workplaces with direct access to exchanges are available for investors who like to gamble on the market themselves.

Reporters happened to be the office’s first visitors, and the bank stock market experts shared their tips on modern investing techniques and let the journalists try themselves at bidding. Marina Sitnikova of Stan Bogache magazine became the most successful investor at the close of business, Tatiana Shushakova of Kommersant newspaper completed the greatest number of transactions, Andrei Gubanov of Stan Bogache magazine and Olga Nikitina of UrBC Information Agency proved to be very active market-playing participants.

The introduction of the new Investments Center was caused by the growing number of customers willing to invest in the stock markets.

‘The Investments Hall, set up three years ago, was getting too small, so Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development introduced a nice, comfortable and cozy place that provides world-class services,’ says Vladimir Zotov, the bank’s Financial Institutions and Investment Services Director.

This information has been reported by the bank’s press officer.

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