Local statisticians complete report on success of regional industry in January 2007

Local statisticians completed their report on success of Sverdlovsk Region industry in January 2007. The regional industrial production index in January 2007 amounted to 109.8% of the figures for January 2006 and to 80.6% of the figures for December 2006, reports Sverdlovsk Region division of the State Statistics.

The increase in the industrial production (compared to a year earlier) was brought about by 2.7 times more furniture being produced this January as well as by production growth (1.6 times) of radio, TV, and telecommunication equipment, and enginery. In addition, 39% more metal goods were produced, alongside with 23.3% more of plastic goods, 35.1% more of bucking and wood molding produce, 10.2% more of chemical produce and 9.2% more of metallurgical goods.

The production of glass and glass-based products went down 41.4%, that of cars by 32.3%, that of footwear by 22.9%, that of rubber goods by 9.9%, and that of textiles by 7.7%.

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