Customs officers of Nizhniy Tagil withdraw 270,000 RUR worth of fake Puma, Adidas, and Reebok sportswear

Customs and law-enforcement officers of Nizhniy Tagil, Sverdlovsk Region, found some sportswear with Puma, Adidas, and Reebok logos on them while examining one of the local shops in the course of the special counterfeited goods inspection. The clothes looked decisively fake, and their owner was unable to prove that he had the right to actually sell branded goods of those companies. Yet the sole trader was deliberately storing and selling pirated sportswear in order to make a profit, thus violating the rights of Adidas Ltd., Reebok International Ltd., and Puma-Rus Ltd. – the exclusive owners of the brand in the Russian Federation. One is not allowed to use their registered trademarks in Russia without getting permissions from the three companies first.

The officers confiscated some 280 items worth about 270,000 RUR; the public prosecution bodies of Nizhniy Tagil have already begun criminal proceedings, charging the unfortunate entrepreneur with illegal use of registered trademark resulting in substantial damage or done repeatedly.

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