Ural Airlines introduces Lent-time meals

Ural Airlines is now offering special menus for people who observe the Lent or are simply trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, reports the spokesperson for the carrier.

‘Such special offers as Lent-Time Meals or Vegetarian Meals are quite popular with the local travelers,’ says Commercial Director Dmitriy Lvov.

The Lent-time meals include fresh and cooked vegetables, fruit, juices, and nuts. The new offer is going to make it possible for the Lent-observing clients of Ural Airlines to fly where they need without compromising with their religious beliefs.

The special meal can be booked when buying the ticket, but this has to be done at least 24 hours before the flight. The booking office will connect the catering company, and it will prepare the desirable lunch for them.

Unlike the Lent-time food that only enjoys demand in certain periods of time, the vegetarian dishes are asked for all the year round. These include fish, fresh fruit, vegetables, greens, rice, potatoes, and juices.

The Lent-time menu is going to be available until the arrival of Russian Orthodox Easter (that is, the beginning of April).

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