Law machinery might be needed to handle case of HydroSpetsStroy Ltd., says company’s acting trustee in bankruptcy

Problems related to Noviy Grad (the local builder) and its general contractor HydroSpetsStroy refusing to cooperate with the company’s acting trustee in bankruptcy Olga Rushitskaya have so far remained unresolved, reports Ms Rushitskaya.

‘I still haven’t been able to get in HydroSpetsStroy’s office at 14 Vosmoye Marta St., but, after all, there are legal means of dealing with the company, so I don’t think it’s improbable that we’ll have to use the law-enforcement officers to proceed with the court’s decision,’ she observed.

HydroSpetsStroy Ltd. was declared insolvent by Sverdlovsk Region Court of Arbitration, so it has to undergo bankruptcy proceedings with Olga Rushitskaya as their acting trustee in bankruptcy. In the meantime, Ms Rushitskaya has been prevented from entering their office by the security guards for a few days now.
The company owes its creditors over 55 million RUR at the moment.

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