Ural Airlines offers scheduled flights to Azerbaijan

Ural Airlines’ customers have been offered a chance to buy a ticket for the airline’s weekly Yekaterinburg-Baku-Yekaterinburg flight, the carrier’s press officer reports.

The company reports to have done a marketing research that proves this flight offer should come in very handy for business executives from both Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, and Kurgan Regions and from Azerbaijan, since the two areas’ annual turnover comes to tens of millions of U.S. dollars. Besides, this destination is believed to become popular with travelers and people wishing to visit their Azerbaijan-based relatives: the Azerbaijan community comprises 45,000 people in Sverdlovsk Region alone; nearly all of them have relatives in Azerbaijan and could therefore be seen as Ural Airlines’ prospective customers.

The flight is performed every Saturday using a TU 154 M; the take-off takes place at 2 AM with the plane arriving in Baku at 4 AM; the aircraft then leaves Baku at 5.30 AM and arrives in Yekaterinburg at 9.15 AM. The cheapest tickets could be bought for ?190.

Ural Airlines’ Commercial Director Kirill Skuratov says the new flight is bound to contribute to further improvements in Russian-Azerbaijan relations as well as to strengthen the economic and cultural ties between Azerbaijan and the Urals.

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