Russian Chrome 1915 to undergo criminal trial for waste water dumping

Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities inspected the area near the village of Magnitka in the vicinity of Pervouralsk; as a result, some light was shed on the grave violations of environmental legislation by Russian Chrome 1915. The company had been dumping waste water with excessive amount of chemical compounds in the River Chusovaya, which led to contamination of the water and the fish with environmentally hazardous substances, the authorities report.

Russian Chrome 1915 will have to undergo a criminal trial; the enterprise was charged with violation of environmentally hazardous substances and waste management regulations (Article 247 (part 2) of Russian Criminal Code); this charge may result in an imprisonment for up to five years. Apart from that, Russian Chrome 1915 was faced with administrative liability for failing to comply with the environmental regulations imposed on an enterprise’s operation mode and failing to pay their emission fees in time. This means the enterprise will have to pay a 150,000-ruble fine. In addition, some of the company’s executives were fined for failing to comply with the environmental and sanitation-and-epidemiological requirements for industrial and consumption waste management (Article 8.2 of Russian Administrative Code).

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