SKB-Bank looks at its performance in January-August 2007

SKB-Bank assessed its activity in the eight months of 2007. It appears that the bank managed to build up the volume and scale of all of its operations, with the volume of net assets, to name just one, reaching 25.4 billion RUR on September 1, 2007, which is 10.5 billion RUR better than September 1, 2006.

The bank’s loan portfolio amounted to over 18 billion RUR on September 1, 2007, whereas the figures only came to 9.9 billion RUR a year earlier. Then, SKB-Bank was able to nearly double its volume of attracted investments; this now amounts to 22.99 billion RUR, with natural persons’ investments coming to 6.9 billion RUR.

SKB-Bank’s own resources reached 2.938 billion RUR on September 1, 2007; its share capital reached 1,351,145,000 RUR.

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