URSA Bank proclaimed Russia’s Most Caring Bank

URSA Bank was proclaimed Russia’s Most Caring Bank in the course of the First Russian Bank Festival inspired and coordinated by the Association of Russian Banks and the National Bank Club. The festival took place in Budva, Montenegro.

This event was attended by top representatives of the legislature and of the executive branch, executives from the Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe as well as those from the European Banking Federation, and heads of Russia’s largest banks.

The agenda of the festival/forum included a session on the ways of creating a united Pan-European financial and economic network, some lively debate between Montenegro’s public authorities and their Russian guests, and an All-Russian round table discussion on the ways of promoting banking development in Russia. URSA Bank’s Managing Director Petr Morsin presented his report on the current state and the developmental trends of banking services in the country’s provincial areas.

The award that the bank was given in the course of the festival means URSA Bank did a good job of carefully shaping its social policies. The bank is trying to effectively communicate with its personnel, customers, and partners, and is aspiring to continuously improve the quality of this communication, the bank’s press officer notes.

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