State of Sverdlovsk Region railways worrying, Ministry of Industry, Power Engineering, and Science warns

Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Industry, Power Engineering, and Science feels dissatisfied with the state of events at Sverdlovsk Region Railways (a subsidiary of Russian Railways Public Company) and with the condition of the railways, the spokesperson for the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region reports.

Despite the regional enterprises’ joint efforts, the railways’ freight turnover went down by 23% within the first five days of the year compared to December 2007. For instance, Nevyanskiy Cementnik, Ural Pipe Plant, Sinara Pipe Plant, and Concern Kalina never loaded a single carriage. UralAsbest and Best Granite halved their freight output.

Sverdlovsk Region Railways’ press officer reports these setbacks have already resulted in a number of problems at their railway terminal as well as at the terminals located in other Russian regions that are serviced by Sverdlovsk Region Railways.

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