Severouralsk mines to resume working

Following the mine workers’ numerous requests, a number of bauxite mines in Severouralsk (parts of SUBR) were ordered to resume working on April 11, 2008, UC RUSAL’s press officer for the Urals Roman Lukichev said to UrBC.

Lukichev reports the miners have to strictly comply with the safety and labor protection regulations, besides, the mines have to be examined and be given Rostechnazor’s permits first.

The ad hoc committee created to handle the recent miners’ strike is still looking for ways out. The committee has to think of and introduce the mechanisms that could prevent the occurrence of illegal strikes in future.

At the same time, the hunger-strikers of Severouralsk-based Krasnaya Shapochka mine still insist on a general meeting where their demands could be approved of.

According to a UC RUSAL representative, their actions are seen as an attempt to undermine the negotiations and prevent the mines from resuming their work.

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