Governor puts down Sverdlovsk Region railways

Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel chaired a meeting devoted to the efficiency of the cooperation agreement the region’s government signed with Russian Railways Public Company on December 20, 2008. The meeting was attended by President of Russian Railways Public Company Vladimir Yakunin.

The Governor spoke on the problems the railway needed to solve. The volume of engineering work had to go up 40% in 2008 and 319 kilometers of railways had to be repaired. This means the capacity would inevitably go down in some places, and carriages would take longer to turn around. Eduard Rossel suggested coming up with an action plan that could help ensure the safe export of goods from the region’s territory.

The Governor also said it was essential to have a third railway between Yekaterinburg and Bogdanovitch where the railways are overloaded and road congestion is terrible.

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