Russian gasoline costs $1 per liter

The price of one liter of gasoline is now nearly the same in Russia and the U.S. and comes to about one dollar.

According to the state statisticians, the average gas and diesel fuel prices experienced a certain growth over the several weeks of April. The automobile gasoline now costs 20.32 RUR per liter (AI 76 is sold for 18.02 RUR per liter, AI 92 is sold for 21.36 RUR per liter, AI 95 is sold for 22.84 RUR per liter), while diesel fuel costs 20.89 RUR per liter.

Fuel prices went up in fifty Russian constituencies. Nazran experienced the most dramatic price increase: gasoline grew 21.4% more expensive.

These prices are obviously comparable with the $4 one has to pay for a gallon of gas in the U.S. The gas prices have been growing in America as well over the last eighteen months, but the growth rate is much slower (the increase came to 30% or $1.4 over these one and a half years). At the same time, the U.S. is the major importer of gas, unlike Russia that deals in exporting fuel.

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