SKB-Bank’s balance sheet total comes to over 40 billion RUR

SKB-Bank’s balance sheet total amounted to 35.8 billion RUR on January 1, 2008 and, thanks to the company’s great activity in the first quarter of the year, the figure reached more than 40 billion RUR by April 2008. SKB-Bank is now Ural Federal District’s leading bank in terms of private individuals’ deposits and Sverdlovsk Region’s largest bank in terms of consumer loans offered to its customers. In addition, SKB-Bank is the region’s No. 1 in terms of own funds, the bank’s press officer reports.

‘SKB-Bank’s stock comes to more than 5 billion RUR at the moment, which makes it possible for us to keep expanding the business and grow further. Achieving the forty-billion-ruble balance sheet total is just one more step on the way to becoming the region’s top bank,’ says SKB-Bank’s Chairman Vladimir Pukhov.

According to Interfax, SKB-Bank is currently Russia’s 75th largest bank in terms of asset volume. Remarkably, the bank was only given the 85th position in 2007.

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