SKB-Bank’s cash-in ATM handles over 1 million RUR over fortnight

SKB-Bank’s cash-in ATM accepted over 1 million RUR over a little less than a fortnight; the ATM is located at the bank’s headquarters at 75 Kuibyshev St. This new multitasking machine combines the options of withdrawing cash from one’s account and topping it up with cash, paying one’s mobile phone and housing bills or for using satellite TV.

This is, in fact, the bank; first cash-in ATM, but it is already clear that the service is extremely popular with customers and needs to be made more wide-spread. This is why another such ATM is to appear at Yekaterinburg’s Dirigible Mall very soon.

SKB-Bank’s cardholders can also use another service: they can now top up their bank card account right in the bank’s offices.

‘To do this, a cardholder needs to produce their passport, their card, and the cash to the bank clerk and everything will be done in less than a minute. I should say that since the service was made available at our POS terminals nearly two weeks ago, it has enjoyed great demand. This means SKB-Bank made the right choice of focusing on card business development through launching more and more services for cardholders while at the same time introducing quite competitive bank card-based products,’ says SKB-Bank’s Deputy Chairman Oleg Demin.

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