SKB-Bank offers over 10,000 loans to SMEs

SKB-Bank has offered over 5 billion RUR worth of loans to small and medium enterprises so far. The number of loans came to more than 10,000. RBC.Rating reports SKB-Bank is one of Russia’s top ten banks in terms of loans given to small and medium-scale businesses.

SKB-Bank keeps working on the development of its lending practices, as growth of small and medium-scale business is an important catalyst of Russian economy and these companies actively cooperate with the banks.

Experts believe only 20% to 25% of Russian small businesses’ demand for loans has been satisfied so far.

‘Our Spin Up lending scheme is extremely popular with the bank’s customers,’ says SKB-Bank’s director for lending to small and medium scale businesses Anatoly Ovsyannikov. This loan type requires no collateral and only takes about four hours to issue. At the same time, as the country’s business keeps developing, more and more companies need large-scale loans. We keep getting applications for up to 30-million-ruble loans.’

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