ROSNO prepared to meet its insurance liabilities

ROSNO, the insurance company, has received over 200 applications from Detour’s unfortunate customers by July 28, 2008.

The upper limit for the insurance indemnity provided by Detour and ROSNO’s agreement was set at 10 million RUR, while the claims laid by the bankrupt tour operator’s victims have so far amounted to over 20 million RUR already; besides, the unhappy travelers’ applications keep coming over an ad hoc hotline.

The insurer has already been able to come up with some statistics: the company reports travelers’ money claims vary between 20,000 RUR and 600,000 RUR. The spread can be explained by the fact that Detour used to have some very different categories of customers; in addition, different people had to go through different kinds of additional expenses. Apart from a tiny number of claims laid by individual travelers, most applications come from groups of people who were planning to go or actually went on a group trip, the group usually consisting of up to ten people. These applications make up 90% of all the pleas ROSNO received.

At the moment, ROSNO is making up for Detour’s customers actual expenses in compliance with the law and the insurance agreements, as long as the travelers provide all the documents that prove these expenses. The amounts of money paid to the insured remain within the insured sum of 10 million RUR for the time being.

The insurer reports they are prepared to meet their insurance obligations imposed by the contract ROSNO signed with Detour in full.

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