German consulate in Yekaterinburg to issue over 35,000 visas in 2008

German Consul General in Yekaterinburg Tilo Klinner feels the consulate’s major achievement lies in the introduction of a visa section that is currently working on visas for all the applicants from Ural Federal District and Perm Territory. Before the end of this year, the consulate will also start issuing visas for applicants from the Republic of Bashkortostan and Orenburg Region.

Over 4,000 visas in just one month (including more than 1,000 business type ones) have been issued for the first time this July.

The consulate expects to issue over 35,000 visas altogether in 2008, which is to exceed the figures for 2007 by more than 80%.

Tilo Klinner is to leave office on August 18, 2008 due to the expiry of his powers as well as a new appointment in Germany. He is going to be succeeded by Renate Schimkoreit.

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