Koltsovo airport and KrasAir’s clashes hurt people, Ivan Kadochnikov says

‘The clashes between Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk Airlines have more than the civil law contract side to them; the transport authorities are rightly pointing to the need to look into the actual circumstances,’ lawyer Ivan Kadochnikov said to UrBC.

The region’s public prosecution authorities for transportation warned Koltsovo airport against refusing to render any ground handling services to Krasnoyarsk Airlines due to the carrier’s failing to pay their ground handling bills. The authorities report this would be a violation of the federal laws.

‘It’s quite true that Krasnoyarsk Airlines is unable to pay the airport at the moment due to a number of reasons, so the airport intends to stop servicing the carrier. This is a conflict involving two businesses. However, the clash involves a great number of individuals as well: these are the people who bought the airline’s tickets and were planning to use the flights. They have already paid for this, and they are interested very little in the two companies’ disagreements,’ Kadochnikov observed.

‘At the same time, the warning issued by the transport authorities sounds great but has no legal force to support it,’ he added.

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