SKB-Bank’s asset volume went up 10 billion RUR in 2008

All of SKB-Bank’s major development indicators showed some rather impressive growth dynamics in 2008. For one, the bank’s asset volume went up by 10 billion RUR and thus exceeded 39.8 billion RUR altogether. Then, SKB-Bank’s lending portfolio rose from 19.3 billion RUR to 27.9 billion RUR.

By January 1, 2009, private customers had entrusted SKB-Bank with over 13.7 billion RUR worth of deposits (compared with only 8.6 billion RUR on January 1, 2008).

What is more, after the bank went through with an additional share issue, the company’s stock capital increased up to 1,822,775 million RUR, while its own funds nearly doubled over last year, reaching 7.065 billion RUR.

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