UBRD upgrades deposit range

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development is now offering a wider range of deposit types to its business customers.

‘Placing one’s available funds on a deposit with a nice-looking interest is even more beneficial now, as we have recently raised the interest rates on our Kopilka deposit type (the annual interest rate can reach up to 13.7% here) and on our Great Income deposit where the maximum of 14.4% a year is paid at the end of the deposit period; alternatively, one can get one’s interest in rubles on a monthly basis, in which case the interest rate will amount to up to 14.7% a year. What is more, we have also launched some new offers that will appeal to those seeking a dynamic and a profitable way of managing one’s savings. These are our Business Rhythm deposit (where you can cash your deposit before the end of the deposit period at a special, attractive interest rate) and 15/15 deposit type (where one can take advantage of the prolonged deposit period and a 15% annual interest rate),’ the bank’s press officer reports.

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