UBRD rated Russia’s 66th largest bank by Interfax-CEA

Interfax-CEA (Center for Economic Analysis) did a research on the Russian banking sector’s activity last year, looking into the banks’ basic performance indicators as well as the volume and structure of their assets and liabilities. As a matter of fact, three Sverdlovsk Region-based banks were featured in the rating of Russia’s Top 100 banks with the largest asset volume. The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) scored the highest position of the three, with its asset volume reaching 50,206,030,000 RUR by the end of 2008 (which was 32.02% better than at the beginning of the year). The bank was given the 66th position in the rating, while eight more regional banks got featured in the 101-200 and 201-300 rating range and another twelve Sverdlovsk Region-based banks were given some lower positions, the spokesperson for the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development reports.

As for a separate rating on the volume and structure of the banks’ assets and liabilities in 2008, six Sverdlovsk Region-based banks with the largest deposit portfolios made it to the country’s Top 100 list. As it happens, the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development was once again given the highest position in the rating among these six organizations, as its deposit portfolio volume amounted to 18,692,050,000 RUR.

In addition, UBRD was also featured in the Market’s Top 30 list with its 23d position.

‘The bank’s end-of-year report makes us feel rather optimistic about the future: we have plenty of resistance and significant financial reserves, we keep on working stably on the same good quality level, all of which makes us a dependable bank for our customers,’ says UBRD’s Strategic Development Director Andrei Emelyanov.

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