TGK-9 won’t cooperate with Klyuchevsk Ferrous Alloys Works, Grigoriev says

‘Klyuchevsk Ferrous Alloys Works isn’t always looked at sympathetically when trying to cope with its problems. For one, we still haven’t been able to reach an agreement with TGK-9. Any delay in payment by seven or ten days leads to a power cutoff warning, and the company’s employees arrive on our premises four days later. This is an extremely complicated issue,’ President of Russian Special Alloys Management Company Vyacheslav Grigoriev announced in the course of the region’s industry supporting committee meeting.

‘We all know that Klyuchevsk Ferrous Alloys Works is an environmentally challenged enterprise, so any power outages could lead to a horrendous eco-catastrophe,’ he warned.

In the meantime, the works CEO Nikolai Kuzmin reports the company has managed to solve the rest of its problems.

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