Sole trader to pay fine for author’s rights offense

Bogdanovichskiy District’s Justice of the Peace returned the verdict of ‘guilty’ upon a sole trader Oksana Cherdantseva, who was declared to have committed crimes describes in Article 146 (part 2) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (violation of author’s rights), the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities reports.

It was detected in the course of the court inquiry that Ms Cherdantseva had been selling pirated copies of audiovisual materials at one of the local malls since January 2008. In fact, 172 counterfeited DVDs with 598 illegally copied movies were found at her shop.

This means that the sole trader’s actions did over 160,000 RUR worth of damage to Paramount Pictures, XX Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and a number of other companies in terms of lost profit and reputation risks, the spokesperson explains.

Cherdantseva was sentenced to a 50,000-ruble fine, while the confiscated DVDs are to be destroyed.

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