Yekaterinburg dweller goes to prison for copyright infringement

Yekaterinburg’s Ordzhonikidzevskiy district court pronounced its sentence upon Dmitriy Egorov, 23, who had been charged with copyright infringement and illegal access to digital information. The young man was sentenced to thirty months in prison, Non-Commercial Partnership of Software Suppliers reports.

Dmitriy Egorov was found guilty of large-scale copyright abuse that damaged the copyright holders, namely, Microsoft Corporation, ZAO 1S, Autodesk, and Adobe Systems Incorporated. The man had advertised ‘Computer Service’ through the local media; on September 9, 2009, some law-enforcement officers, who pretended to be his customers, had 331,650 RUR worth of pirated software products installed on their computers by the offender.

Prior to this incident, Egorov had already been convicted by the court of Berezovskiy, Sverdlovsk Region, for stealing a car (with a group of people) and for application of force to a public agent. He received conditional 19-month sentence at the time.

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