Bank Severnaya Kazna gets new shareholder

Dmitriy Vinogradov is no longer a shareholder of OAO Bank Severnaya Kazna (the asset of Alfa-Bank). He used to own a little over 10% of the bank’s shares, which have recently been sold to VALLAUR LIMITED. Yekaterinburg-based Bank Severnaya Kazna had to undergo a financial recovery procedure at the end of 2008 after it had been very near bankruptcy. The procedure was carried out by the bank’s new owner, Alfa-Bank, and Deposit Insurance Agency. The new proprietor intends to close Bank Severnaya Kazna down as an independent business and is now gradually moving to the bank’s total phase-out.

In December 2009, Alfa-Bank became a successor of all of Yekaterinburg bank’s credit claims.

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