Ural Airlines and Air Berlin sell e-tickets

Ural Airlines is now selling the e-tickets for the flights operated under the carrier’s interline agreement with Air Berlin. The company’s passengers can now buy electronic tickets for connecting flights of both companies and go to Greece, Denmark, Spain, Canada, China, Mexico, France, the South African Republic, Jamaica, and many other places.
The agreement also means that Ural Airlines can now sell its tickets through agencies cooperating with Air Berlin all over the world.
One good thing about e-tickets is that the check-in procedure gets much easier and that all the information about the passenger and his or her flight is stored in the airline’s server. So one cannot lose the ticket or leave it at home, and it can’t be stolen. Also, passengers with e-tickets can change the terms of their flight via the company’s Help & Information Center.
Ural Airlines signed its first e-ticket interline agreement in 2007; it was with Hahn Air. Now the company has got as many as six e-ticket interline partners.
In addition, Ural Airlines has over fifty interline agreements involving regular paper tickets and is now negotiating with a number of other large, globally recognized airlines.

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