Project on Urals’ north only partly prepared, Vinnichenko says

‘It’s true that we’ve got a problem with confirming the availability of resources in some of the deposits involved in the project. Some ten deposits still need to be explored further, and the only deposits we are 100% sure of are those of brown coal and chromite ore. Also, the deposits of polymetals, manganese, barites, and rare-earth metals still need some further exploration as well,’ Plenipotentiary Representative of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal District Nikolai Vinnichenko said in his interview to Vedomosti regarding The Industrial Urals-The Polar Urals program.

‘We cannot be certain that something will definitely be found in these places. However, I’d like to emphasize that we’ve got some forecasts that give us good grounds for keeping on exploring. Now no geologic exploration is possible without good transportation. That is why we need all the infrastructure and that’s why we are building new roads. The construction of Salekhard-Nadym route began on March 16, 2010. This road is expected to provide access to the deposits in question. Also, the corporation has come up with a special program for developing the ore mining unit there and plans to spend up to 500 million RUR on exploration and further exploration this year,’ he added.

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