Finnair calls off Helsinki flight

‘Finnair normally operates its Yekaterinburg-Helsinki flight three times a week, that is, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The flights scheduled for Monday, April 19, and for Wednesday, April 21, have already been called off. The Friday flight, however, is still on the timetable for the time being,’ deputy head of Finnair’s Yekaterinburg representation Vladimir Krivozhikhin informed UrBC.

‘The passengers are normally informed about a cancellation via telephone. They are usually offered to use another flight, a transfer one, or they can refuse to travel altogether, in which case Finnair gives them a full refund,’ Krivozhikhin said.

‘The decisions regarding called-off flights are taken by the Eurocommission. This is the only authority to decide whether the plane is going to take off,’ he added.

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