MMK Mill 5000 order-covered 100%

Plate Mill 5000 of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) is now fully provided with orders for its produce, MMK PR Department reports.

‘Our key consumers in this field are Volzhskiy Tube-Rolling Plant, Vyksunskiy Metallurgical Plant, and a number of Russian machine-, ship-, and boiler-building enterprises. They have been buying increasingly more goods from MMK lately, which is especially significant for the company since only 50% of our section goods facilities are being used at the moment: the predicted surge of the Russian building industry never really happened. On the other hand, Mill 5000 is 100% loaded in terms of orders, with 100,000 tons of goods to be manufactured in June 2010. These figures actually mean the plate mill is reaching its designed capacity,’ the Department says.

Apart from Mill 5000, CC machine No. 6 was launched at MMK’s oxygen converter shop at the end of 2009. The machine can produce up to 1.6 million tons of slabs that are 1,400 to 700 mm wide and 190 mm, 250 mm, or 300 mm thick. These slabs are meant for the ingots that will be used at Mill 5000.

‘The good quality of CC machine No. 6 slabs’ microstructure means we can deliver rolled products with the exceptional strength properties and plasticity characteristics. Thanks to the unique technologies employed in the CC machine, Mill 5000 can now manufacture increased strength tube stock, thus making MMK one of Russia’s leading rolled goods manufacturers,’ Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works states.

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