Sverdlovsk Region gets more new cars

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 12, 2010. In the first half of 2010, Moscow remained Russia’s No.1 city in terms of the number of customers buying new cars. 17.3% of all the new cars registered in Russia were registered in the capital. Moscow Region proved the second most active automobile-buying place in the country as usual, with 9.4% of all the new cars registered there. The data are provided by Avtostat.
As for Saint Petersburg, 5.4% of all the newly bought automobiles were registered in this city, so the latter kept its status of the third most active car-buying area. Saint Petersburg was followed by the Republic of Tatarstan (4.5% of all the new cars were registered there), Krasnodar Territory (3.7%), Samara Region (3.5%), the Republic of Bashkortostan (3.1%), Rostov Region (2.7%), Sverdlovsk Region (2.6%), and Nizhniy Novgorod Region (2.6%).
The cars which sold best in the first half of the year were Lada (31.5% of all the car sales on the Russian market), Chevrolet (7.7%), Kia (7.4%), Renault (5.5%), and Ford (5.1%). A year earlier, the list of top five most popular cars comprised Lada (24.6%), Chevrolet (8.3%), Ford (6.8%), Toyota (5.7%), and Hyundai (5.5%).

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