RENOVA-StroyGroup keeps going strong

The top managers of RENOVA-StroyGroup State Corporation attended a press lunch with Russia’s leading media representative at the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel in Moscow. The event was part of the company’s anniversary-celebrating program, so the reporters and the business executives had an opportunity to discuss RENOVA’s achievements at the end of its first five years in business.

The reporters’ questions were answered by RENOVA-StroyGroup’s President Veniamin Golubitskiy and the company’s General Director Mikhail Semyonov.

The corporation’s managers also spoke about the company’s recent accomplishments, the implementation of the main projects, and future plans. The news writers were particularly interested in the company’s pilot project, namely, Yekaterinburg’s new Academic district which is currently Europe’s largest housing development attempt.

‘We won’t stop there. Such multi-faceted area development projects are our company’s key product as well as the foundation of our business ideology. We are already working on such projects in some Moscow Region-based towns and in Yaroslavl,’ Veniamin Golubitskiy said.

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