Dexter calls off flights again

Dexter Airlines has canceled its flights to and from Koltsovo Airport of Yekaterinburg yet again. For one, flight 9628 from Kurgan to Yekaterinburg was called off. The flight was originally supposed to have arrived at 3:55 PM. What is more, flights from Tyumen and Magnitogorsk, which were to have arrived in Yekaterinburg at 12:00 PM and 4:20 AM today, respectively, were also canceled.

The company has already called off some flights a few days earlier. Koltsovo Airport announced on Friday that the flights had been canceled due to technical problems.

The airline refuses to provide any comments as Dexter’s top official and head Evgeny Andrachnikov is now on vacation.

Koltsovo reports the flights were canceled this week due to lack of passengers.

‘Not all the flights have actually been canceled. If we have enough passengers for the flight, it gets operated, if we don’t, it does not get operated. At the same time, the airline was faced with some aircraft problem last week, so the flights were canceled for technical reasons. So far, the company’s new flights are to be operated using the same aircraft type, namely, Pilatus provided by Aramil-based Uktus Airlines. Tomorrow, the flights will be operated via Dexter proper,’ the airport’s press officer reports.

Koltsovo Airport also says most of Dexter’s passengers fly from Yekaterinburg to Magnitogorsk.

‘These flights are usually 50% full, sometimes there are fewer passengers. This is actually a very good figure. The flight to Kurgan, on the other hand, is not so popular,’ the press service explains.

The airport also says no flights will be operated by Dexter during the New Year break.

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