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MMK Mill 2000 Does First Tests

02.06.2011. : public
Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) carried out the first tests of its cold-roll Mill 2000 (a continuous etching line combined with a tandem mill) first section.

According to MMK PR Department, the tests have shown that some positive performance indicators were observed in terms of speed modes and the thickness parameters. At the moment, the things being tested are the performance of the emulsion system and of the automated control system.

The assembly of the technological machinery relating to the first section of Mill 2000 has already been completed. The technique of grinding backup and working rolls with the profiles needed for the rolling has already been mastered, and the workers are now finishing the assembly of the texturing machine that will ensure the unevenness of the rolls working surfaces.

The company is also doing some start-up and commissioning jobs for the acid generation unit.

The general contractors for this construction project are Stroitelny Complex, Maglin, Prokatmontazh, PO Montazhnik, Mechanoremontny Complex, with Magnitogorsky Gipromez acting as the general designer. All the jobs are carried out through MMK technicians. Mill 2000 is primarily meant for the production of high quality cold-rolled and galvanized rolled products with the help of the most advanced and modern technologies; the rolled stock will then be used for making external and internal car parts, household appliances, and in the building industry. The mills capacity will come to 2 million tons of goods a year. The launch of the mills first section is expected on Metallurgists Day.