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RENOVA-StroyGroup gets construction loan

02.11.2010. : public
RENOVA StroyGroups RSG Engineering Infrastructure received Sberbank of Russias approval for an 800-million-ruble loan for a period of six years. The money will be directed to further development of water, heating, and power supply networks of Academic district in Yekaterinburg.

RENOVA StroyGroup sets very strict requirements for the constructed engineering infrastructure facilities to make sure the customers who use our communal housing services get the best possible quality. This is also part of the energy-saving and energy-efficiency program advocated by the Russian Federation President, RENOVA StroyGroups General Director Mikhail Semenov says.

Getting this loan signifies a new stage in the development of both the Group on the whole and its engineering infrastructure division in particular. We managed to single out successfully two kinds of business, the developing and the infrastructure ones. RSG Engineering Infrastructure used its experience to build and maintain a set of engineering networks which ensures the needed quality of communal housing services in Yekaterinburgs Academic district, RENOVA StroyGroup reports.