VIM Avia tops anti-rating

VIM Avia Airlines topped the list of companies that delayed most flights in April 2011. VIM Avia actually delayed 96 out of 395 flights, or 24%, Rosaviaton’s official website reports.

Moscovia was the second top flight delayer, followed by Kogalymavia that delayed 25 flights out 150, or 17% of all the flights operated in April 2011. The top three down-letters are followed by Avianova that delayed 84 flights out of 684, or 12% of all its April flights.

Orenburg Airlines delayed 108 flights out of 1,273, which comes to 8% of all its April flights. Rusline did a little better and only delayed 51 flights out of 840, or 6%. Gazpromavia delayed 24 flights out of 661, or 4%> Yamal delayed 11 flights out 577, or 2%, UTair delayed 93 flights out of 5,548. or 2%, and Siberia delayed 91 flights out of 4,102, or 2%.

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