Moskovia, Kogalymavia Delay Most Flights in 2011

Experts from the Economic Analysis Center RIA-Analitika’s (a division of RIA Novosti) used Rosaviation’s data to compile a rating of Russian airlines based on the share of delayed flights in the total flight turnover in January-May 2011. The rating comprised all the companies whose data for Janaury-May 2011 were available to the experts. The flights were classed as delayed if they took off more than two hours behind the timetable.

In the first five months of 2011, the companies that delayed most flights were Moskovia (18.7% of all flights were delayed), Kogalymavia (17.4%), North Wind (12.1%), Avianova (11.5%), and VIM-avia (11.2%). All in all, six Russian air companies out of the thirty-four carriers featured in the rating delayed every one in ten flights, and nineteen companies out of these thirty-four put off every one in twenty flights.

The analysis of the situation in May 2011 has shown that the least punctual companies were Sky Express, 18.4% of whose flights were delayed, Kogalymavia (13.1%), and Avianova (10%).

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