Dmitri Pumpyansky Elected TMK BOD Chairman

Dmitri Pumpyansky was elected the BOD Chairman of Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK); besides, the BOD Secretary and the members and chairs of the appointments and remunerations committees as well as the members of the BOD audit and strategic development committees were elected.

The authority of TMK Director-General was confirmed and the following members of the Supervisory Board were appointed: A. G. Shiryayev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, A. Yu. Kaplunov, A. A. Klachkov. A. G. Lyalkov, B.V. Oborsky, T. I. Petrosyan, K. A. Semerikov, and V. V. Shmatovitch.

In addition, the budget for BOD maintenance and the monthly schedule for the BOD performance were approved.

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