MMK completes MMK-Atakas

UrBC, Istanbul, Turkey, July 15, 2011. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) completed the construction of its metallurgical facility MMK-Atakas in Turkey. The project was finished off with the launch of a continuous hot-dip galvanizing unit on the production premises in Istanbul.

MMK announced the launch of the continuous hot-dip galvanizing unit on the production premises in Istanbul, Turkey, quite recently. The launch of the unit signifies the completion of MMK-Atakas on two Turkish sites, in Iskenderun and in Istanbul. The production facility in Iskenderun was completed in the spring of 2011.

As for the continuous hot-dip galvanizing unit in Istanbul, its designed capacity comes to 450,000 tons of zinc-coated rolled products a year. These goods will be delivered to consumers as well as used as intermediary material for the polymeric coating line, whose capacity is estimated at 200,000 tons of goods a year. This line started operating in May 2011.

The same unit was also launched in Iskenderun.
‘Having two continuous hot-dip galvanizing units expands the range of production options available to the enterprise and will also allow us to make rolled metal products aimed at specialized market segments such as home appliances manufacturers and, in the future, the car makers,’ MMK reports.

MMK-Atakas production facilities are capable of producing 2.3 million tons of hot-rolled rolls, 750,000 tons of cold-rolled rolls, 900,000 tons of zinc-coated rolls, and 400,000 tons of rolls with polymeric coating.

‘The project has required over $2bn in terms of investments. This facility has no counterparts in Turkey that could rival its technological characteristics. Its production capacity allows us to meet the growing demand of the Turkish market for various kinds of metal products as well as to export the company’s produce to foreign markets, for example, to the Far East, to the countries of the Mediterranean pool, and to Europe. It is also important that the global recession has hardly affected the construction process. All the units were put up in total compliance with the deadlines and investment plans,’ says MMK BOD Chairman Viktor Rashnikov.

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