MMK-Atakaş launches hot galvanizing unit

A continuous hot galvanizing unit produced by the Italian Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA was launched at MMK- Atakaş in Iskenderun, Turkey recently.

The new unit’s estimated capacity comes to 450,000 tons of zinc-coated rolled products a year. These goods are to be both sold and used at some further manufacturing stages on a polymeric coating unit. Now this unit, launched on January 15, 2010, has a capacity of 200,000 tons of goods a year.

According to MMK’s PR Department, their MMK-Atakaş project is being implemented in accordance with the schedule. At the final stage, MMK-Atakaş’s annual output will reach 2.3 million tons of flat rolled stock, with the goods to be sold on both the Turkish home market and the export one.

The construction of MMK-Atakaş started in October 2007 and will probably have been finished by December 2010.

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